A CHRONICLER’S TALE celebrating over a decade of

There are few sketches that contain the vigor and energy of Tom Barnes’ work. Uncensored loose tangles of gesture and undiluted colors glow from the page. Apart from their merit as feverish, stimulating, hyper-saturated images, Barnes’ sketches serve as an archive of Seattle past and present, comprising a portrait of a city.

“Sketching from life has been a passion for me over the last decade,” says Barnes. “I was intrigued in the beginning to put lines on paper, to chronicle the culture of Capitol Hill [Seattle] before it disappeared forever. I did. I drew the life I experienced in bars and dance clubs, at festivals. I documented our life on the streets, and as many Sinner Saint Burlesque shows as I could get to! Beautiful women—wait—I digress: I filled many a sketch book, and my on-site drawings evolved into paintings which I would finish in the studio, using whatever came to hand—pencils, ink, watercolor, collage—to chronicle the soul of what I recognized as a vanishing culture. As the hole-in-the wall dives were being replaced with luxury condos on every corner—my sketchbooks chronicled a celebration, but also an extinction.

The line knows some eternal truth of what the hell is going on out there.”

No1. Looking Inside Out, Comet Tavern 2010
Kelly O, taking photos at the Shout Your Abortion Party Fundraiser (Odd Fellows Hall)
The Sinner Saint Burlesque Show at the Noc Noc, Evilyn Sin Claire, Doña dei Couri, Lady Tatas, Sailor St. Claire, and Diva Le Deviant. Polly Wood,  2011
The Fabulous and Famous Monty Banks at Vito’s. 201
Halloween at the Noc Noc, Polly Wood and the Sinner Saint Burlesque Troupe 2012
Last Call, Vermilion 2013
Katlyn Hubner painting her Plague Mural on the wooded up Doghouse Leathers, Capital Hill. 04-2020
Zoe Scofield and dance troupe performing at the Frye Art Museum among the Zoe/Juniper Sculptures , Amazing!!  One of Americas most important choreographers 2015
My Girl Is Red Hot,Your Girl Ain’t Diddly Squat. Vermilion, 2014
Tacocat at Mario’s big back red booth lol , 2012
The Karaoke Singer, Leah Maupin , Lyda’s Christmas Party 2017
Zipolete Mexico, A Pirate’s Dream, with Kine of Norway 2018
Front Room, La Negrita, The most Famous Cantina and Dance Hall in  Merida, Mexico 2018
Afternoons In Santiago Park, Merida, Mexico 201

By Amanda

Amanda Manitach is a Seattle-based artist who works primarily in the medium of drawing, merging text with pattern, working aspects of the visceral, dirty, humorous, and sublime into pieces made painstakingly over time. In addition to exhibiting locally and nationally, she worked as Visual Arts Editor at City Arts Magazine for six years, served as curator of Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University (2013-15), and co-founded and co-directed multiple mixed-use arts spaces in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, including TMRW Party and The Factory. She is represented by Winston Wächter Seattle and New York.

She loves to peep on artists' sketchbooks.

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