Ezra Dickinson is expert at transforming space: whether through performance, dance (he was trained as a professional ballet dancer), murals, installations spanning entire derelict buildings, or bold signage spangling the streets of Seattle, Dickinson makes unforgettable marks. He is outspoken about rent control (pro); it’s likely you’ve seen some of his rent control signage around Capitol Hill or downtown Seattle. His sketchbooks are, unsurprisingly, filled with detailed observations of the urban landscapes of the PNW. 

“I’m very intentional with my note/sketchbooks,” says Dickinson. “I have a separate notebook for each discipline: ceramics, designs, murals, meetings, etc. The sketches in these images come from a collection of books I’ve been keeping since 2010. The aim of these books is wanting to capture the world via pen as I travel. Giving myself however much time is needed to complete a given location, these sketches represent a range from 15 minutes to 9 hours. I see this drawing practice as a substitute to the camera: It gives me a far more intimate relationship with the locations I want to record.”

By Amanda

Amanda Manitach is a Seattle-based artist who works primarily in the medium of drawing, merging text with pattern, working aspects of the visceral, dirty, humorous, and sublime into pieces made painstakingly over time. In addition to exhibiting locally and nationally, she worked as Visual Arts Editor at City Arts Magazine for six years, served as curator of Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University (2013-15), and co-founded and co-directed multiple mixed-use arts spaces in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, including TMRW Party and The Factory. She is represented by Winston Wächter Seattle and New York.

She loves to peep on artists' sketchbooks.

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