In my former role as visual arts editor at City Arts Magazine (it folded November 2018), I used to manage a column that featured the interiors of artists’ sketchbooks. For a while I’ve wanted to revive a version of this. This is that. I’m perpetually entranced by process and the thought that goes into creative projects. I don’t personally maintain a sketchbook process per se…but somehow I have way too many notebooks crammed with odds and ends, comprising the detritus of life. I think sketchbooks are a unique kind of chronicle: For some artists, sketchbooks encapsulate the most bald and honest of autobiographies—weathered tomes filled with automatic writings that’ll make your head spin. Others document a purely voyeuristic vision of the world: landscapes and people and phantasmorgraphical interpretations of reality laid out in painstaking detailed linework. And there’s so much in between. I love it all.

Here’s a video I made about my own sketchbooks a few years ago, as well as some snaps from a few of my sketchbooks and travel diaries from Serbia, Croatia, Italy. (IG: @amandamanitach)

“This and the following few images are from a sketchbook I maintained while on a trip to Serbia, Croatia, and Italy in 2017.”
“One of the things I’ve taken up during the COVID-19 quarantine is making illustrated grocery lists.”
Sketch for a neon sign created for the Sou’Wester Lodge art gallery (2018).

By Amanda

Amanda Manitach is a Seattle-based artist who works primarily in the medium of drawing, merging text with pattern, working aspects of the visceral, dirty, humorous, and sublime into pieces made painstakingly over time. In addition to exhibiting locally and nationally, she worked as Visual Arts Editor at City Arts Magazine for six years, served as curator of Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University (2013-15), and co-founded and co-directed multiple mixed-use arts spaces in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, including TMRW Party and The Factory. She is represented by Winston Wächter Seattle and New York.

She loves to peep on artists' sketchbooks.

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