For those looking for existential/actual porn, welcome Kaj-anne Pepper AKA their drag persona “Pepper Pepper”. Pepper (IG: @ThePepperPepper) is a queer portraitist and performance artist who “loves butts, collage and digital manipulation.” The breadth of Pepper’s art is comprehensive: working in video, drag, installation, theatre and dance, they walk the line between classic campy cabaret, dada poetics, a very intense dash of vulnerability, augmented with exquisite tech touches, including filmic and theatrical pageantry dripping with faux gems very real warmth.

“I definitely work in the beat generation’s ‘cut-up’ technique, which was pioneered by Brion Gysin and William Burroughs,” says Pepper. “I do a fair bit of self-portraiture, which is expected as someone who has worked in drag. I’ve been thinking about my digital-diva-self for a long time—how it is an extension of my body, a collection of these floating images connected to my desire to be seen in some way at some point. My work on paper is often a meditation that may or may not have any relationship to my theatrical work, except for the fact I’m a body considering the idea of another person’s body which is often present in my work.

I’ve been drawing a lot of butts sourced from the internet or from friends. Lately I’ve been doing a #buttraiser: I take other peoples #buttselfies and redraw them and post them on the internet and use that as a vehicle to ask for donations to a local food charity. I like the idea of an ass in service to the community. I like the idea that an ass can be put to work in many ways. I like how an image of an ass is often an invitation, depending on the light.”


Invitation aka Ass Economy, 2020: “This one is about the internet and asking for tokens.”
ButtraiserMadame, 2020
Sumptious, 2020 
ButtraiserLadyC, 2020: “Part of my #buttraiser where I draw butts and post them to collect $$ for charity.”
Healsup, 2020
Anthony, 2020 

In extension, 2020:  “It’s like a telephone echo!”

2019 A Cut-Up with the sky. Mixing a skyline from another collage on top of a still from a commercial I produced.

2019 Thinking about “Nature Is Always Queer” – Peter Hobbs. Used this skyline for a self-portrait. 

Skysthelimit, 2019: “I must have been on a roll with that sky idea. I love that the figure became a window.”

CainMarkoandMadame, 2018: “I asked if I could mix my roommate’s painting with my pornstar friend’s silhouette.”

Self-portrait, 2016

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By Amanda

Amanda Manitach is a Seattle-based artist who works primarily in the medium of drawing, merging text with pattern, working aspects of the visceral, dirty, humorous, and sublime into pieces made painstakingly over time. In addition to exhibiting locally and nationally, she worked as Visual Arts Editor at City Arts Magazine for six years, served as curator of Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University (2013-15), and co-founded and co-directed multiple mixed-use arts spaces in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, including TMRW Party and The Factory. She is represented by Winston Wächter Seattle and New York.

She loves to peep on artists' sketchbooks.

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